“If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed” Stanley Kubrik.

Ayhe Productions S.L. is an international film company established by the producer David AymerichEl dulce sabor del limón (2018), 3450km (2020), Solo(2021) & Nordur (2022)–.

Creating stories from Tarragona to the whole world, our production company was born in 2013. Since then, we have carried out many audiovisual projects: fiction feature films, documentaries, short films, branded content… Always with the same goal in mind: to offer a high quality product.


3450km & La mida del temps

This 2020 AYHE productions has produced two documentary films.

3450km (2020) is an adventure across the world (The Patagonia, Iceland, Mongolia) starring by Adrià Gutierrez –soon in TV3– and, La mida del temps (2019) –now in TAC12-, it is a documentary film about the life and the live of Eduard Boada, one of the most relevant characters from Tarragona.

About us

“We are storytellers” AYHE productions.

David Aymerich (Tarragona, 1994), executive producer in AYHE productions, studied Audiovisual Comunication at the URV in 2012 and directed his first feature film, El dulce sabor del limón (Sweet lemon), in 2017.

Nowadays, AYHE productions have in postproduction a documentary films, 3450km (2020), and we have in development a feature film, Nordur (2022), an international coproduction, and the new shortfilm of the awarded director and screenwriter Alberto Gross, Solo (2021).


 C/ Comte de Rius nº2,
43003 Tarragona.

Phone. +34 877 053 446

Mobile. +34 635 553 150