“If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed” Stanley Kubrik.

Ayhe Productions is an international audiovisual & film company established by the producer, screenwriter and director David Aymerich. And now, with the DOP and creative director Daniel Bernús.

Sweet lemon (El dulce sabor del limón) 2018, is the first movie of Ayhe Productions. A feature movie and a teen drama starring David Solans (Merlí) and Elena Rivera (Cuéntame cómo pasó) as main characters, Luis Enrique Carrion-AMC as DOP and TheWardenclyffe as the responsible of the OST.

Commercials & Tv

Accurated campaigns & audiovisuals for your brand

We produce resolutive and incredible commercials to comunicate and reach people. Nowadays, Ayhe Productions are focused in commercial films, audiovisual comunication, graphic design and publicity.

Our last partners are Audi Vilamòbil (South Catalonia), Toyota Autoforum, IncofisaTAC12 TV, Ajuntament de Tarragona, Codium Team and TheWardenclyffe.

Our most recent works

Audi after sale – Commercial film, 2019.

Tarragona fireworks festival – TV Program, 2019.

Dogai japan take away – Commercial, 2019.

Sweet bliss – Fashion film, 2019.

BMW gran coupe – Commercial film, 2019.

Vaixell de paper – ‘Award winning’ Magazine, 2018.

El dulce sabor del limón – ‘Award winning’ Feature film, 2018.


About us

“We are storytellers” Ayhe Productions.

David Aymerich studied Audiovisual Comunication at the URV in 2011 and founded Ayhe Productions in 2012 to produce the feature movie Sweet lemon, 2018 (El dulce sabor del limón).

Currently, thanks to a team composed by David Aymerich (production, screenwriting and direction), Daniel Bernús (DOP and editing) and Arcadi Tarrida (production and translation); we make and audiovisual & comunication team with an international and innovative vision for your brand.

Our partners.

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