“If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed” Stanley Kubrik.

AYHE productions is an international film company established by the producer, screenwriter and director David Aymerich in 2013.

Sweet lemon (El dulce sabor del limón) 2018, is the first movie of Ayhe Productions. A feature movie and a teen drama starring David Solans (Merlí, Sapere Aude) and Elena Rivera (Cuéntame cómo pasó) as main characters, Luis Enrique Carrion-AMC as DOP and TheWardenclyffe as the responsible of the OST.


3450km & La mida del temps

This 2019 AYHE productions has produced two documentary films. 3450km is an adventure across the world (The Patagonia, Iceland, Mongolia) starring by Adrià Gutierrez and La mida del temps, a documentary film about the life and the live of Eduard Boada, one of the most relevant characters from Tarragona.


About us

“We are storytellers” AYHE productions.

David Aymerich studied Audiovisual Comunication at the URV in 2011 and founded AYHE productions in 2013 to produce the feature movie Sweet lemon, 2018 (El dulce sabor del limón).

Currently, AYHE productions is working in two documentary films and who’s next feature film, Nordur.


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