A short film directed by Alberto Gross Molo.

English Synopsis:

Fran works tirelessly while taking care of his father and his son, Dani. When Dani is expelled from school, he is overwhelmed. Dani’s behaviour is pushing him to the limit and Fran must act so as not to lose him before it’s too late.

Produced by: Ayhe Productions
Supported by: ICAA (Spanish Government), ICEC (Catalan Government)
Distributed by: Agencia Audiovisual FREAK (www.agenciafreak.com)

Direction: Alberto Gross Molo
Screenwriters: Alberto Gross Molo, Laura Egidos Plaja
Production: David Aymerich Herreria
Executive Production: Laura Egidos Plaja

Distribution contact: +34 951 592 409 / hola@agenciafreak.com

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