Sweet Lemon – El Dulce Sabor del Limón


Sweet Lemon – El Dulce Sabor del Limón – Storyline

When Jaume ends in jail after a party night, his everyday life starts to change. Then is when he meets Ilena, a mysterious girl who will feed his dreams and hopes and that will run away with him to France in the search of a better life.

Sweet Lemon – El Dulce Sabor del Limón – Sinopsis

Jaume is having a party night with his friends (Pere, Lucas and Margallo) and, while the group is making a scene in the street, the police appear. Then, Jaume and the others, under the effect of the alcohol, start to run away from the police, starting a persecution that ends with the detention of Jaume. Once in precinct, he briefly meets with a mysterious girl, Ilena, who catches Jaume’s attention before his parent’s arrival.

The next day, Jaume wakes up to go to college, where he finds his girlfriend Cristina, who doesn’t understand Jaume’s last night behavior. Even though, when the couple meet their friends, Jaume puts in risk his friendship with Lucas, because of a tension that almost get them both into a fight. On the other hand, Ilena starts to show her world and that she wants to run away, and that’s why she begins to coincide with Jaume with the expectation of catching his attention. An objective that she achieves when Jaume finally splits up with Cristina.

On this turning point, Jaume, overwhelmed by his difficult sentimental and economic situation, decides to start being a dealer in a disco, with the help of Ilena, who introduces him to a drug dealer: El Chacho. This new life-style will affect Jaume, who will consume drugs and change his behavior significantly without him realizing it due to the love and attraction that he feels for Ilena. His life goes as planned, when one night a shipment of drugs disappears and El Chacho obligates Jaume to recover the money, no matter what.

That’s how Jaume decides to assault a jewelry shop to pay off. The robbery is a success and Jaume has it clear. He will let some oney for his family and will run away from them and from that world with Ilena, in a search of a better life. Jaume prepares a big farewell party with his friends, before going to France with Ilena, but nothing goes as planned. El Chacho appears to take Ilena back to the brothel and threatens Jaume.

Despite that fact, Jaume makes his appearance in the brothel to kill them all and to go away with Ilena without hesitation. Once they are in France, their differences show up and, maybe, it is too late for Jaume to realize that life is bitter and not sweet.


Sweet Lemon – El Dulce Sabor del Limón – The production

Sweet Lemon – El Dulce Sabor del Limón highlights the technic and artistic work in the interpretation of its characters, as well as the elegant and powerful photography of a lineal storyline with action, drama, romance, sex and drug touches that try to make Jaume an erratic antihero character, as nowadays teenagers that live in a world that doesn’t claim a better future. Jaume knows it, and that’s why this film has a moral with a main character that believe in life, but to whom his decisions will hit him with big consequences. This happens in a world as hypnotic and lit up as the brothel of the co-star, Ilena.